How To Choose The Right Builder In Adelaide

Updated: Jul 4, 2019

"When you decide to build your next home, rather than buy it, there’s one thing you simply have to get right: choosing the builder"

Of course we want you to choose us! but no doubt you're already comparing apples with apples or bricks with bricks! There are lots of things to factor in when building, so we have put together a check list to hopefully make your decision a little easier.

Licences and insurance

The term 'dodgy builder' doesn't exist for nothing! When you choose a builder make sure they are licenced, registered and insured.

Who is behind the build?

Who is the one calling the shots? Find out who you will deal with throughout the build, will it be a sales rep, receptionist, site supervisor or director? Are they qualified for the job, ask them what experience and qualifications they have.


Talk to people who have built with them in the past. Do you like the style of build they offer and do you get a good overall vibe.

Don't sign a building contact until you've check the following

  • What builder warranties do they offer

  • Obtain a scope of works

  • Do they offer termite prevention

  • How do they keep clients in the loop and unto date with the build schedule

  • Not understanding jargon in the quote, always ask!

  • Do they offer a comprehensive quote, are you getting everything you've asked for

Complete Construct is a very passionate Adelaide builder specialising in Custom Homes, Developments, Build To Lock Up Solutions, Renovations and Extentions.

We welcome to opportunity to discuss your plans and looking forward to working with you.

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